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The Undercroft Clinic

Gaynor A. Wooldridge PGCert, BSc (Hons), CFPodM, MInstChP, BMAS


We offer a range of treatments at the Undercroft Clinic. We also stock many items for sale from over-the-counter orthotics to fungal nail treatment (Clear Zal and Curanail), athletes foot products (Lamisil, Daktarin etc) and a range of creams and powders for all your foot care requirements.

Chiropody/Podiatry/Foot Care Professional

Routine Chiropody/Podiatry/Foot Care: from £40.00

Pain Management

Prolotherapy: from £55.00

PRM/Biopucture injections (Zeel, Traumeel, Spascupreel): from £50.00

Ostenil Plus Injections: £190.00

Ostenil: £80.00 (usually course of 3 if needed)

Autologous Blood injections: from £60.00

PRP Injections: £160.00

Remy Class 4 laser, MSK: From £46 (usually 4-6 treatments advised)

Local Anaesthetic: £10


Nail Surgery from £85 with local anaesthetic but without phenol to prevent re-growth

Nail Surgery from £200 with local anaesthetic and with phenol to prevent re-growth.

Antibiotic cover: £10

Faulkner needling for verrucae under local anaesthetic: £95.00

Swift Emblation Microwave

Swift is a brand new technology licenced for the treatment of verrucae and skin lesions.

The current price is £100.00 per treatment (many verruca can be treated during a single treatment). You may need between 1-4 treatments. Please have a look at

Verrutop​ is a new topical treatment introduced to clinic. It has a good success rate and is a fairly painless treatment, making it very suitable for children over 6 and anyone who is an anxious patient. Treatment is every 2 weeks, and usually requires between 2 - 6 treatments. Each treatment cost £60

Lacuna Fenestration with or without Remy laser 

An exciting new product for treating fungal nail infections. The Lacuna method is based on Micro Penetration to make tiny holes in the nail plate. If successful, results are usually visable in 2-8 weeks, depending on level of nail infection and patient consistent use of Lamisil spray to nail plate twice per day. May need a second drilling after 2-3 months if extensive infection. These treatments are from £45.00. With class 4 laser: £85

LCN Wilde-Pedique Nail Reconstruction

Nail reconstruction for fungally infected or damaged nails

£46.00 for big toe nail, £54.00 for both big toe nails; £42.00 for 3-5 small nails and £40.00 for 1-2 small nails. These prices include preparation treatment of nail(s).

​Do​lorclast Shockwave Therapy

The Dolorclast shockwave treatment is a non invasive treatment and can be used to help treat a number of chronic, painful conditions. A course of 4-6 treatments is recommended, 1-2 weeks apart. Each treatment is £50


Inserts for the shoe from: £11

In - Clinic Test for Fungal Nails

We are able to offer an in clinic fungal nail test for patients who are concerned about the possibility of fungal infection. It can often be difficult to arrange this through your GP surgery. We will take the sample, process it in clinic and contact you with the results within 48 hours. If the test result is positive,  we will contact your GP with the results to discuss the best possible treatment for you: £40