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The Undercroft Clinic

Gaynor A. Wooldridge PGCert, BSc (Hons), CFPodM, MInstChP, BMAS

The Undercroft Clinic is an established practice in Temple Ewell, Dover, Kent.

Gaynor is a qualified Chiropodist/Podiatrist, Therapeutic Injectionist, Musculoskeletal Practitioner and is registered with the Health Professions Council. Gaynor is licensed to use local anaesthesia to perform minor surgery, including nail surgery for painful and infected ingrown toe nails, and electro surgery for skin lesions and stubborn verruca. Gaynor is also qualified in Prescription of Medicine and can, therefore, supply certain required medication during the course of treatment (eg. antibiotic cover for infection).

At the Undercroft Clinic we also offer a treatment called PRP (platelet rich plasma). This is an exciting treating using the patient's own blood. Please see the PRP menu page for further information. We also use prolotherapy which is a well established medical injection technique that treats lax ligaments or injured tendons around the joints or muscle attachments. These injuries can cause a great deal of pain. Prolotherapy can stabilize and strengthen these injured areas and restore proper functioning by encouraging new collagen growth. Prolotherapy can also be used to help with osteoarthritic pain; Ostenil (Hyaluronic Acid) can be particularly effective for mild to moderate arthritic pain, as can PRP. Biopuncture is the injection of biotherapeutic medications and can reduce pain and spasm and stimulate healing. They can be helpful for acute, chronic or inflammed injuries, eg tennis elbow, sciatica, shoulder pain etc. and are extremely safe.

At the clinic we treat routine foot health problems, such as corns and callus, as well as looking after patients who have diabetes, require onsite specific blood tests (uric acid, glucose, haemoglobin, cholesterol), vascular testing including Doppler and sensory checks, biomechanical scanning and prescriptive or over-the-counter insoles (orthotics) and nail surgery. LCN Wilde-Pedique nail reconsruction is available for patients with damaged, permanently removed or fungally infected nails. They last for approximately 8 weeks.

The Swift microwave treatment ( is an exciting new, innovative treatment for verruca. Please see our separate page from the menu of the website for further information. We also offer Faulkner needling, under local anaesthesia, which can also be extremely effective for treating stubborn verrucae. This is offered at the clinic and is particularly useful for anyone unable to receive the microwave treatment. 

Nance Paton-Smith offers her expertise as a qualified Foot Health Professional. Please visit her Foot Health page for some further information about Nance and the treatment she offers.

Please have a look at the menu pages on the left side for further information, or please contact the clinic.

If you would like to book an appointment please contact us:

                           01304 820006/07956 673080

Please note: we do require 24 hours notice for an appointment cancellation (unless obviously urgent circumstances) due to our time and having other patients waiting for the opportunity for an appointment. Thank you for being considerate - unfortunately a charge will be made if we are unable to fill your missed apppintment .

[email protected] or [email protected]

                                  or visit:

or please fill in the form on this site.